The Little Things

We say life is short, but do we really know what it means, or do we just remember it from some inspirational site on the internet? If you really want to know what it means, ask your grandparents, or anyone who has crossed the age of sixty. They will tell you everything, from their childhood … More The Little Things

Family – Home

Our families are our home, because home isn’t just another place on the planet. It isn’t the garden, or the lake, or the house where you grew up, it is our family. When you go through the teenage phase, it is quite a common misunderstanding that families aren’t important, and our lives are just about … More Family – Home

Beautiful Humans

Somewhere deep within us is a character we wish to become, and that is the character we work on becoming. We all are beautiful in our own ways, as the person we are. So you don’t have to become someone else to prove that, just be yourself and that character you want to be within


Your family is a part of you. Your dad who works hours in his office to support you, your mom who cooks food for you, your annoying siblings who irritate you worse by the day, all are family. Your family can understand you better than anyone will. A teacher in my school had once told … More Family


-Sometimes you just got to learn to stay happy, cause time isn’t going wait for you your depression to end, and moreover the sun rises everyday after the darkness doesn’t it? Days change just like life, from brightness to darkness and then back to brightness, nothing lasts forever, so live it all.

Never Give Up

Don’t give up. Its something I have learnt in my life. When I started off with football at 13, I couldn’t really do much. People put me defense, or keeper or at times a substitute when I wanted to play up front. It felt really bad because I was just starting off with the sport, … More Never Give Up